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Criminology News

Criminal Justice Degrees Information

Saturday 1 September 2007 in Criminology 0 Comment(s)

We get asked on a daily basis which is the best way to enter the criminal justice field by taking a course online...

Criminology and Criminal Justice - February 2006 issue

Tuesday 31 January 2006 in Criminology 24 Comment(s)

Special Issue: What Lies Beyond? Problems, Prospects and Possibilities for Life After Punishment: Edited by: Stephen Farrall and Richard Sparks

November 2005 British Journal Of Criminology Available

Wednesday 12 October 2005 in Criminology 2 Comment(s)

Articles on the comparative study of corruption; solicitors involved in serious fraud; hate crime; social networks; prostitution; prison riots; policing road accidents; young offenders' experiences of social exclusion and restorative justice; victim costs of violent crime.

The problem with eyewitnesses

Sunday 21 August 2005 in Criminology 1 Comment(s)

The aftermath of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Tube station has shown that eyewitness testimony may not always be as reliable as it seems.

Boys used for human sacrifice

Tuesday 14 June 2005 in Criminology 1 Comment(s)

Children are being trafficked into the UK from Africa and used for human sacrifices, a confidential report for the Metropolitan Police suggests.

Psychopaths are born bad, say scientists

Wednesday 11 May 2005 in Criminology 2 Comment(s)

Psychopaths are born anti-social, not corrupted by bad parenting, scientists reveal today.

The Aetiology of Serial Murder - Disclaimer

Wednesday 14 November 2001 in Criminology 8 Comment(s)

This was a thesis written in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of M.Phil. in Criminology at the University of Cambridge, in 1996/1997. Suffice to say, my thinking on the subject matter has advanced somewhat since then (some of the comments about determinism/freewill make me cringe!). I put it up on the web in 1998 (I didn't have time to look for a publisher...) and it has since received many thousands of hits. You are welcome to download a copy in any of the formats, and distribute the thesis freely as long as you make no monetary gain from such distribution. The thesis must not be modified, misrepresented, or distributed in part except for citation. If you wish to cite quotations etc. from this thesis, you are welcome to do so - I suspect a suitable citation might be: Mitchell, E. W. (1997). The aetiology of serial murder: towards an integrated model. Unpublished M.Phil. thesis, University of Cambridge, UK. The author, Edward W. Mitchell, bears no liability for proper or improper use of the thesis or information contained therein, e.g. by law enforcement agencies. Hope you enjoy it; I seem to recall that I enjoyed writing it! Edward W. Mitchell, 1997-2001. Download Thesis

Criminological Theories - An Overview

Saturday 5 May 2001 in Criminology 13 Comment(s)

Whilst the 'psychology of victims' may, for now, be an under-explored area, the psychology of the criminal is not. For centuries man has tried to understand the workings of the criminal mind. What makes an individual criminal? Does criminality have a particular cause? If so can this cause be eliminated and the criminality prevented? Early explanations relied on biological explanations of criminality.


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