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Thursday 9 May 2002 in Daily Updates 17 Comment(s)

Currently, Roy Lee Ward is incarcerated in Warrick County, Indiana, on murder charges. Law enforcement authorities believe that he may have attempted or committed homicides and sexual assaults in other states.

Crimes : On July 11, 2001, a Dale, Indiana, Police Department officer responded to an emergency call from a 14-year-old girl reporting an assault on her sister. Upon arriving at the girl’s residence, the officer observed a black 1989 Pontiac Bonneville, with Indiana license plates registered to Ward’s father, parked in the driveway. As the officer gained entry through an unlocked front door, he saw a young white male, later identified as Ward, standing just inside.

"Hannibal" FBI Competition

Tuesday 31 July 2001 in Daily Updates 5 Comment(s)

Saw this earlier today as I was browsing a 'Freebie Site'. I keep myself in notepads and makeup this way. No kidding. Anyhow, not to play up to the media but here is a little goodie from the Hannibal UK website. Lets face it, even those of us who scoffed at the movie were keen on seeing it when it came out. If only because it gave us an opportunity to drone on about our studies and interest in the area. Its a clever little flash program with the added bonus of a competition. Not that I expect any of us to actually win it! :) But its a nice little gadget all the same. Winners win a trip to the FBI headquarters in Quantico and a complimentary helicopter ride. Something to do I suppose. Losers just get to play around with the cool little effects which include Hannibals FBI Dossier.....ooooohh....Aint it grand! Click on through to get the web address and other information.

Sunday 29 July 2001 in Daily Updates 5 Comment(s)

It seems I've grown lazy this summer. I started out superbly, managing daily updates as reliably as possible despite the lack of contribution from my fellow co-workers but alas, summer fever has set in. After a nice and cozy typical 100 degree family vacation, full of greasy fried chicken and all the other wonderful tidbits that make up southern hospitality I ended up spending a further two weeks in the wild and wonderful VirginiaS! One in the same to me, so frequently did I border jump when I was growing up. )

Back Up And Running

Tuesday 3 July 2001 in Daily Updates 3 Comment(s)

Hello All. Ive just returned from a much needed and long awaited extended family vacation. Sorry about the absence of up to date news articles and papers. Stay with me a few more days and you'll find everything will be up and running as per normal. I'm adding to the database as we speak so stop back in and check us out shortly. Buffy


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