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Thursday 4 April 2002 in Members Articles 1 Comment(s)

My name is Florence. I am from Denmark and I start my interesting in criminal profiling back in 2000. I am now Bachelor of Science (BSc), in psychology, and hope to finish as a psychologist in the end of this year or first next year. Right now I am working with a psychologist as a part of my education. After the summer I will start a seminar "forensic psychology", the last seminar in my education, and I then also start my scientific dissertation, which will be in that field. I was thinking of writing about criminal profiling! I hope to learn more about criminal profiling here, I am lucky that I have a person who has been providing me with much good about the subject. I got to this place though him ;) What will you suggest I should start reading? Kind regards Florence

Understanding and Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Friday 7 December 2001 in Members Articles 3 Comment(s)

By Karin
In May of 1995, the Workplace Violence Research Institute (WVRI) released figures regarding violence in the workplace. The WVRI estimates that every workday 16,400 threats are made, 723 workers are attacked, and 43,800 are harassed. The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety further postulates that an average of 20 workers are murdered each week and 1 million workers are assaulted annually in the United States.

Paddon Forensic Consulting,Investigation and Education

Friday 7 December 2001 in Members Articles 2 Comment(s)

Offers information about serial murder and criminal investigative analysis. Services are available to law enforcement and families of missing persons/victims of unsolved crimes. We also offer on-line self-interest courses (ie.non-degree) in serial murder and criminal profiling. These courses are meant to be introductory to the areas of serial killers and profiling and are a good start for students interested in pursuing careers in these areas.Paddon Forensic Consulting,Investigation and Educationjcpaddon@hotmail.com


Saturday 4 August 2001 in Members Articles 8 Comment(s)


Police officers arrived at the residence of a 40-year-old married salesman who’s body was discovered totally suspended from a floor joist in the basement. A large piece of rope ending in a hangman's noose encircled his neck. The body was dressed in a white shirt, white panties, nylons, and a pair of woman's open-toed shoes. A woman's girdle was over the victim's head and his hands were bound with a belt (Geberth; 1990). So what do you think, homicide or suicide? Neither, the man died of a phenomena called autoerotic death, or sexual asphyxia. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, between 500 and 1000 people in the United States die each year due to sexual asphyxia.


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