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Offender Profiling News

Video game to teach lessons about racial profiling

Monday 11 April 2005 in Offender Profiling 5 Comment(s)

Officer Martinez drives down a quiet suburban street and parks her car in front of three young African-American men playing basketball. She is responding to a suspicious persons report.

The New ViCAP

Friday 18 February 2005 in Offender Profiling 15 Comment(s)

More User Friendly and Used by More Agencies. Where should officers go to obtain information about unsolved violent crime cases? Where do they direct their inquiries? Who do they ask? Officers in small departments might ask their colleagues during morning roll call. Those in mid-sized agencies might question investigators working other shifts. Personnel in large departments might ask officers in the next jurisdiction by sending a teletype or similar communication.

To Catch a Killer

Monday 23 February 2004 in Offender Profiling 3 Comment(s)

The Revamping of Investigative Methods in Law Enforcement A vicious rape/murder has occurred in the community. Citizens are shocked at what they consider an anomaly. It seems as if no one they know could have committed such an unspeakable crime.

To Catch a Killer

Wednesday 3 September 2003 in Offender Profiling 1 Comment(s)

The Revamping of Investigative Methods in Law Enforcement The Sexual Homicide Exchange
A vicious rape/murder has occurred in the community. Citizens are shocked at what they consider an anomaly. It seems as if no one they know could have committed such an unspeakable crime.

Investigative Criminal Profiling

Friday 7 March 2003 in Offender Profiling 25 Comment(s)

Pat Brown Sexual Homicide Exchange
Criminal profiling has become a well-received concept in Hollywood and the general public. Sadly, the portrayal of profiling on television and in literature includes the use of psychic measures or presents profiling as an infallible science that requires only the input of variables to obtain an exact description of the suspect. Either viewpoint greatly discredits the critical involvement of law enforcement's investigative inputs and experience and greatly discourages investigators from bringing in profilers to aid in the investigation.

Offender Profiling / Specific-profile Analysis

Thursday 5 September 2002 in Offender Profiling 0 Comment(s)

Lecture given by Dr Bill Tafoya on Offender Profiling at the The Henry Fielding Centre's (University of Manchester, Manchester England) 1998 NCIS Conference.

Assessing Violent Recidivism in Sexual Offenders

Monday 24 June 2002 in Offender Profiling 2 Comment(s)

Forensic and clinical psychologists have long been asked to make predictions about violence, despite the fact that, in the past, such predictions have been notoriously inaccurate. Several states now have sexual predator laws which require predictions to be made concerning the likelihood of recidivism. Since the U.S. Supreme Court in Kansas v. Hendricks (1997) upheld Kansas's sexual predator laws, such requests are likely to increase in the future. Fortunately, there is now ongoing empirical research which has improved psychologists' ability to predict violence in high risk groups. Several schemes for predict violence are in the process of research and development.

Forensic Psycholinguistics Using Language Analysis for Identifying and Assessing

Monday 6 May 2002 in Offender Profiling 10 Comment(s)

Early one Friday afternoon, police officials from a midsized city contacted the local office of the FBI. A 911 caller had just left a message: seven bombs had been planted at a petroleum facility, and it would blow up within 24 hours. The male caller left no information about his identity or motive. Police officers began gathering evidence from the area around the petroleum facility while the local FBI office quickly contacted the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) at Quantico, Virginia. Realizing that these bombs had the potential to kill or injure hundreds of employees and cause millions of dollars in damage, FBI agents from the NCAVC and the FBI Academyís Behavioral Science Unit immediately began analyzing the recording of the call.1 Within hours, they advised local authorities of their assessment of the offenderís possible characteristics and the potential risk of the threatís legitimacy. What had the agents discovered in the recording of the telephone call? How did they find it?

A Psychological Profile of Adolph Hitler : Part IV - 1943

Sunday 17 February 2002 in Offender Profiling 2 Comment(s)

As His Associates Know Him

The picture the Nazi propaganda machine has painted of Hitler certainty seems like an extravagant one. Even if we ignore the deifying elements it seems like the fantasy of a superman - the paramount of all virtues. Extraordinary as it may seem, however, there are times at which he approximates such a personality and wins the respect and admiration of all his associates.

A Psychologial Profile of Adolph Hitler : Part III - 1943

Thursday 17 January 2002 in Offender Profiling 2 Comment(s)

As the German people know him

When we try to formulate a conception of Adolph Hitler as the German people know him we must not forget that their knowledge of him is limited by a controlled press. Many thousands of Germans have seen him in person, particularly in the past, and can use this experience as a basis for their individual conception of him.

A Psychologial Profile of Adolph Hitler : Part II - 1943

Saturday 15 December 2001 in Offender Profiling 2 Comment(s)

Hitler as He Believes Himself to Be

At the time of the reoccupation of the Rhineland, Hitler made use of an extraordinary figure of speech in describing his own conduct. He said, "I follow my course with the precision and security of a sleepwalker." Even at that time it struck the world as an unusual statement for the undisputed leader of 67,000,000 people to make at the time of an international crisis. Hitler meant it to be a form of' reassurance for his more wary followers who questioned the wisdom of his course. It seems, however, that it was a true confession and had his wary followers only realised its significance and implications they would have had grounds for far greater concern that that aroused by his proposal to reoccupy the Rhineland. For the course of this sleep-walker has carried him over many untravelled roads which finally led him unerringly to a pinnacle of success and power never reached before. And still it lured him on until today he stands on the brink of disaster. He will go down in history as the most worshipped and the most despised man the world has ever known.

'Profiling' as Poison" by Professor David Canter

Wednesday 12 December 2001 in Offender Profiling 5 Comment(s)

Most people believe they know what 'offender profiling' means. But their ideas are invariably derived from fictional portrayals of the 'profiler' as detective. Even professional publications, seeking to describe the nature of this activity, usually start with some reference to fictional accounts. The widespread confusion over the role of psychology in contributing to police investigations is also be revealed by media interviews.

A Psychologial Profile of Adolph Hitler : Part I - 1943

Monday 10 December 2001 in Offender Profiling 6 Comment(s)

"What we need is a realistic appraisal of the German situation. If Hitler is running the show, what kind of a person is he? What are his ambitions? How does he appear to the German people? What is he like with his associates? What is his background? And most of all, we want to know as much as possible about his psychological make-up-the things that make him tick. In addition, we ought to know what he might do if things begin to go against him. Do you suppose you could come up with something along these lines? ... Hire what help you need and get it done as soon as possible. Keep it brief and make it readable to the layman." (The Mind of Adolf Hitler. Walter C Langer. London: Secker and Warburg, 1973, pp.3-10)

The Evolution of a Serial Killing Doctor (Harold Shipman)

Sunday 9 December 2001 in Offender Profiling 2 Comment(s)

The following is the original version of an article, written by Professor David Canter, appearing in an edited form in The Independant (UK), Wednesday 2nd January 2000.

As the media storm bursts around the life and times of the most prolific serial killer in British history everyone wants to know why Dr Harold Shipman killed so many of his trusting patients. If he had been born into a self-destructive dysfunctional family, been physically or psychologically abused himself, indulged in bizarre sexual activities or lived on the edge in a deviant or criminal underworld, replete with vulnerable victims, then the explanations for his crimes would have been in easy reach.

Forensic Psychology : Friend or Foe?

Thursday 15 November 2001 in Offender Profiling 10 Comment(s)

Police Magazine November 2000
Forensic Psychology - Friend or Foe? What is forensic psychology? What benefits and relevance does it have to the police? And why is there seemingly so much resistance to this approach by police officers themselves? MATTHEW EKINS recently attended a Forensic Psychology conference organised by the Open University and found some of the answers.

FBI Profiles Anthrax Author

Saturday 10 November 2001 in Offender Profiling 3 Comment(s)

FBI Press Release - Nov. 9 2001

The FBI is releasing linguistic and behavioral assessments of the person responsible for mailing anthrax-laden letters on September 18 and October 9, 2001. We ask the American public to study these assessments and reflect on whether someone of their acquaintance might fit the profile. The safety of the American people is at stake. If you have credible information that might help identify this person, please contact 1-800-CRIMETV (274-6388), use IFCCFBI.GOV, or call your local FBI Field Office

Douglas' 1995 Unabomber Profile

Monday 5 November 2001 in Offender Profiling 12 Comment(s)

The Unabomber probably drives an older car but keeps it in good condition. He may have a wife or girlfriend, but she knows there's a certain part of the house -- a basement, a special room -- that's off limits. In the same way other people might talk baseball, he likes to discuss the bombings -- how stupid the FBI is, how smart the bomber is. He probably visited the scene of his early bombings, talked to police, asked questions, maybe even offered advice. He may have taken a trip this summer. And he will kill again.

Can Criminal Psychopaths be Identified?

Wednesday 31 October 2001 in Offender Profiling 6 Comment(s)

In 1941 psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley published the first edition of his influential book, The Mask of Sanity. The book was one of the first works to describe the psychopath. Four decades later, researchers continue to refer to the "muddy waters" of psychopathy.

Profiling: A Hidden Challenge to the Regulation of Data Surveillance

Monday 22 October 2001 in Offender Profiling 3 Comment(s)

Profiling is a data surveillance technique which is little-understood and ill-documented, but increasingly used. It is a means of generating suspects or prospects from within a large population, and involves inferring a set of characteristics of a particular class of person from past experience, then searching data-holdings for individuals with a close fit to that set of characteristics.

Psychological Profiling

Friday 19 October 2001 in Offender Profiling 18 Comment(s)

Instinct or Science The apparent success of psychological profiling is based on a combination of two important ingredients: A close co-operative working relationship with the police who provide other evidence relevant to the case. A combination of instinct and scientific procedures adopted by the profiler. Most profiling research indicates that psychological profiling is in its infancy.It is most successful in serial crimes such as murder, rape, and abduction. DR. L.F. LOWESTEIN investigates.


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