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State Agency Crime Victim Compensation Program - Oklahoma

Posted by Buffy on: Saturday 5 May 2001

OKLAHOMA Crime Victims Compensation Board District Attorneys Council 2200 Classen Blvd., Suite 1800 Oklahoma City, OK 73106-5811 (405) 264-5006 FAX: (405) 264-5097 1-800-745-6098

The District Attorneys Council provides offices and administrative staff and support for a three-person board appointed by the governor. The program's central staff and board operate with the assistance of 27 district attorneys' victim-witness coordinators, who gather reports and documents and prepare a verification report on each application. The program was established in 1981. The program also administers a special "Murrah Fund" to provide benefits to victims and surviving family members of the 1995 bomb blast at the Murrah Federal Building. The program administers VOCA assistance grants as well. Administrator: Suzanne Breedlove Board: Richard Guse (chair), Jason Ledlow, Weldon Stout FUNDING Offender assessments fund the program as follows: for violent felonies, assessments range from $40-$10,000; for nonviolent felonies, $35-$1,000; for misdemeanors, $20-$300; and for juvenile delinquents, $20-$2,000. The program also receives any funds remaining in the Department of Corrections Restitution Accounting Fund over three years from the date of receipt. The program receives an annual VOCA grant. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Reporting period: 72 hours Filing period: 1 year Exceptions: For good cause, filing period may extend no longer than 1 additional year PROCEDURES Applications are received by district attorneys' offices, which gather information and write verification report to be submitted to central staff. Central staff reviews file, determines eligibility, and makes decision on claims less than $2,500. All other claims go before the board. Claim is barred from further action if there is no activity within 3 years of the last board decision. Appeals: The applicant has 30 days to appeal to the board. If the board affirms the decision, a further appeal may be taken in district court. BENEFITS Maximum award: $20,000 Compensable Costs (with limits) Medical expenses Mental health counseling: $3,000 limit for primary victims may be waived in extreme cases. For families of homicide victims, limit of $500 per person and $3,000 per family. Complex or lengthy therapy is reviewed by peer-review panel. Hourly limits are $110 for M.D., $100 for Ph.D., $60 for L.C.S.W. for licensed professional counselor or marriage/ family therapist, $35 for unlicensed M.S.W. working under supervision of licensed person in licensed agency. Lost wages/support: no separate cap for vic- tim's lost wages and support; up to $2,000 in work loss for caregivers Funerals: $5,000 Moving expenses: in extreme circumstances Replacement services: housekeeping and child care Crime-scene cleanup: up to $500 in homicides Travel: to obtain medical assistance, provided victim had to pay another party for the transportation Rehabilitation Oklahoma

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