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Suspects held in girls murder

Posted by Criminal Profiling Staff on: Sunday 25 December 2005

Alejandra Gutierrez disappeared December 8 after she left for school. The body was found at gravel pit outside Muncie.

Fort Wayne, Dec. 20 - Simon Rios not only knew of his 10-year-old neighbor, according to friends of her family, Rios' own 10-year-old daughter was her playmate.

And when Alejandra Gutierrez disappeared December 8 after leaving her house for the school bus stop, Rios was among the first to appear at her family's door.

Family Counselor Jamie Flores says, "Mister Rios actually came to the house and brought a statue of the Virgin Mary and told them he'd pray for her."

But within five days, Rios would be arrested in the murders of his own four family members. And shortly thereafter would apparently begin giving investigators information that would lead to Alejandra's body Monday near a gravel pit in a remote part of Delaware County.

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