Is there a serial killer at large in Ohio?


Four of them have turned up dead in and around Chillicothe, Ohio – is there a serial killer drifting through the city of 21,000 people?

The FBI is investigating the murders of four women and disappearances of two others in a small Ohio town over the last year.

Staff Lieutenant Mike Preston, of the Ross County Sheriff’s Department, told The Washington Post: “I don’t want to come out and say ‘yes, we have a serial killer’, but it’s a small community that we live in… and the number of females who have come up missing, and then the bodies that we’ve found, that’s quite a bit for our community.

“The community is starting to get concerned. Everyone just wants answers.”

The first woman in the investigation is Charlotte Trego, 28, a mother of two who was last seen on 3 May last year.

Tameka Lynch, a 30-year-old mother of three, vanished on the same day and the two women knew each other.

Her body was found on 24 May on a sandbar in Paint Creek, just outside Chillicothe.

A coroner’s officer determined she had died from a drug overdose, but her mother Angela Robinson told ABC News she believed her daughter had died before she was put in the water.

She said: “She was scared to death of water. She wouldn’t go swimming, and she was scared of the woods.”

But police say they aren’t convinced that one person is behind the deaths.

“There’s nothing we found in the evidence that would link these ladies’ deaths together,” Chillicothe police spokesman Bud Lytle

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  • Graeme Donnelly

    4 murders in such a small town, 21,000 . if it aint 1 person its more than one that either kniw each other or are workin together/possible initiation/young an ettin off on murder and nt relisim there phycvopaths and will become sexually motivated serial killers. i say u need to shut this down,coz there not guna stop,they miht move,look for people suddebnlly moving together or at same time. if they dont move they might take a break, but now any murder unless domesticated,wont be the first for the offender, they may practise killing to find there comftable one,.they may even set people up for there crimes. i live in a town with same population.4 murders arent coincedence, sorry but if yoou dont act now other victims will follow. UPDATE:: swan grate been caught, may be him, but looking at crime figures theres a few killings then none, few then none, 4.5 per 100k in a 20k is 20-25 murders, then the next year none. and when the murder rate went to9.5 , thats alot of death, if it isnt him, its a either a outsider/leaver coming back or into every few years, or a national serial killer who some reason has a minor connection there,may be personal, and it may be i his head, like he likes sitting having a beer at a certain bench or river or something like that or it could be his mothers town, he is deffinitly mobile, look for other small towns villahes with similair patterns especially in years he hasent been killing in chilllocath